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Holidays on the most beautiful island in the world-SYLT, in the flats and houses of Fineline Sylt Ferienagentur

The big holiday is just around the corner, an extended weekend, a short trip to the sea with friends, on to Sylt.

With us, Fineline Sylt, you will find the perfect accommodation, directly on the beach, by the sea in a holiday home with the whole family or as a couple with the spectacular Sylt sunset in Westerland. Live by the Wadden Sea World Heritage Site and enjoy the crackling at low tide and the stormy sea at high tide. Then Munkmarsch with its cute harbour is the place to stay.

Spend your holiday in the sunny village of Wenningstedt with its family-friendly beaches, great holiday homes and flats. With numerous restaurants such as Gosch am Kliff (Wenningstedt) and Surfschulen und MEER.

Holidays in the captain's village of Keitum , its thatched houses, restaurants like SALON 1900 in Keitum on Sylt, Brot und Bier, or Johannes King Genuß Shop.

Here no wishes remain unfulfilled.

No matter where you are on Sylt, whether Keitum, Westerland, Archsum, Munkmarsch, Wenningstedt or Tinnum, the long sandy beach (approx. 40 km) is almost just a flip-flop throw away.

Dear guests, we love our island and welcome you to Schleswig-Holstein in North Friesland on Sylt. MOIN!

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